Friday, June 12, 2009

bomb at the masquerade ball

Some strong just strike our imagination for their creativity and inspired content. In the music industries and among emerging bands there is demand for cd covers and event poster design and so on... I never considered doing illustrations for an entire album and each song, before listening to the album of an Italian songwriter called Fabrizio De Andre'.

The lyrics is about a mysterious character who is unable to put up with the mediocrity and hypocrisy of society. Ironic lines follow one another offering the most original paradoxes ever: christian holy figures tired of their wretchedness and tempted by the possibility of a Nobel Prize; a tough competition between the Statue of liberty and a mythical Statue of Pity...

By the end of this queer and cryptic song, the guy has dropped a bomb at the masquerade ball. I made this illustration without preliminary sketches, thus the naive touch and some random imperfections. I used a superfine black pen on A4 paper, while listening to the song for about four (maybe more?) times in a row with my ipod shuffle.

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