Friday, June 12, 2009

Misshapen and cute

Coming soon.... The Art of Tim Burton

How often do you see misshapen ojects, or people? They don't look good.
But yet some illustrators like turning these weird, ghastly characters into appealing and unique treasures for our eyes. Behind them is some kind of alternative magic ratio between horror and cuteness, that is probably the reason why Tim Burton's creatures are so lovable and heartbreaking.

Such a “weird ratio” (instead of the classic golden ratio) has given Burton's aesthetic a distinctive touch and has no doubt helped win him thousands of fans, though many dissenting loud voices claim for a change of direction from this horror vibe.

For those who love Tim Burton, like me, there is a book with about 1000 of his illustrations. On April 30, 2009, Burton announced via his website mailing list that he’s releasing a book of his own personal artwork:

Coming Soon... "The Art of Tim Burton"
Hardcover and Limited Edition books - Over 400 pages & 1000 illustrations!
For more information please register at
More details in the future!

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